Podcast #15 stories 53-56

A voice from heaven tells Carol to stop beating her kids. A heavenly fireball ends the party. Mr. Neill is shunned after insulting a man’s meat and his beer while a runaway trunk cancels a sale.

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  1. Carol, stop beating your kids
  2. A fireball breaks up a party
  3. A man’s beer and his meat are insulted
  4. A runaway truck thwarts another home sale


  1. Dusty Boogie
  2. Summer Dreams
  3. Moments Pause
  4. Swooning Melody

All tracks are by 2 Mello, from Midnight Broadcasts Vol. 1 & 2, and After Midnight: Unaired Broadcasts.
Check out 2 Mello’s Bandcamp page here.

Podcast #14 stories 49-52

D.O.G. hopes to shed his vegetarian ways. Pete wants to free the weed, perhaps in celebration of Gina’s birthday. Meanwhile, the hacky sack boss mops up the spilled beer of a house shopper.

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  1. A potential home buyer takes a tumble
  2. Become popular by playing hacky sack
  3. A dog named D.O.G.
  4. Free the weed


  1. Quintet of the Hot Club of France – Minor’s swing
  2. Louis Armstrong – I’ll walk alone
  3. Jimmie Rodgers – Rock all our babies to sleep
  4. Jack Dupree – Tongue-tied blues

Podcast #13 stories 45-48

Mr. Neill visits four restaurants.  A waitress confounds him while another documents him.  A drastic career change is announced.  In a shocking twist, Mrs. Neill settles for pork.

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  1. A Dory-like waitress (Argentine)
  2. Dad, I want to rap (Burmese)
  3. A flip phone videographer (Sri Lankan)
  4. But this is pork (Chinese)

Intermission music by Zachary Neill

Podcast #12 stories 42-44

A pothead claims that Mr. Neill is housing Spongebob’s DNA.  What would Hank do?  Probably shoot the pothead.  What would Mr. Neill do if he had continued his video game addiction?  Probably shoot the pothead.

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  1. Spongebob grew up in my house
  2. Hank wants to sing hymns and shoot guns
  3. The perils of video game addiction


  1. Sonny Burke and His Orchestra – Mambo on my mind
  2. Jimmy Witherspoon – Ain’t nobody’s business
  3. York Brothers – Goodbye and luck to you

Podcast #11 stories 39-41

Mr. Neill receives sage advice from both sides of the law.  Yet questions remain.  Can a mansion have just one bedroom?  What if the lawn you wanted was no lawn at all?  And what if having no lawn took you off the grid?

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  1. The mansion at 3030 Elroy St.
  2. The lawn he wants is no lawn
  3. If they start fighting, keep playing…but if they start shooting, stop

78′s and Unhip:

  1. Coleman Hawkins – Some of these days
  2. James (Beal Street) Clark – You can’t make the grade
  3. Unhip – Eventually

Podcast #10 stories 36-38

A demented radio doctor retards Mr. Neill’s academic development.  Evidence of his stunted growth quickly manifest in a not-so scientific “cocolate” chip cookie experiment.

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  1. Tell us more about the texture of popcorn
  2. A Weird Al singalong
  3. Churro bites a longboarder down in Buenos Aires


  1. Cliff Carlisle – It takes the old hen to deliver the goods
  2. York Bros – Going home
  3. The Fairfield Four – Don’t leave me

Podcast #9 stories 33-35

Zealots of the Star Wars religion made no attempt to help, or to even look in the direction of Mr. Neill.  Three baby mouses, however, had no trouble looooking at Mr. Neill.

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  1. They were Star Wars, but Mr. Neill was not Star Wars
  2. Surfing on David M
  3. Mr. Neill, there are three baby mouses, and they are looooking at me


  1. Callahan Brothers – I’ll be thinking of the days gone by
  2. Yas Yas Girl – Grieving heart blues
  3. Bob Skyles and His Skyrockets – The pal that I loved

Podcast #8 stories 30-32

They’re quiet and virtually invisible, but don’t be fooled by the Parisian child.  One can witness the devilry of these monsters at any Parisian park.  Trust Mr. Neill on this.  He no longer lies.

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  1. Parisian children unleashed – part I
  2. Parisian children unleashed – part II
  3. Too old to lie


  1. Carolina Twins – Off to the war I’m going
  2. Cliff Carlisle – Memories that make me cry
  3. Sunshine Boys Quartet – Where no one stands alone

Podcast #7 stories 26-29

What could be more ridiculous than letting random strangers sleep in your guestroom?  How about repeating the same two lines for TWENTY-FIVE YEARS, never once drawing a laugh.

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  1. Spinning records with Asia
  2. Two good lines
  3. Taking hospitality
  4. Giving hospitality
  5. Unless March 28 was “reverse racism day”, Lauren D was wrong


  1. Allen Brothers –  Maybe next week sometime
  2. Joe Werner and the Ramblers – Crap shooter’s hop
  3. Teddy Bunn – If you see me comin’
  4. The Cotton Pickers – You tell her I stutter
  5. Prairie Ramblers – Take me back to my boots and saddle

Podcast #6 stories 21-25

Three automobile accidents in one day?  Really Mr. Neill?  No wonder you were forced to ride bus 60 with a pickle rolling around on the floor.

Download Podcast #6 here


  1. Pounding on a table will get you hired
  2. Breakfast with the entertainment industry
  3. Three accidents in one day
  4. Strange things are afoot at Tilden High School
  5. A rolling pickle disturbs the serenity of bus 60


  1. Lou Gold – I can’t get over a girl like you
  2. Ann Cole – Are you satisfied
  3. Swan’s Silvertone Singers – I want to rest
  4. Gene Gifford and his Orchestra – New Orleans twist
  5. Leonard C. Fulwider – Dalton round-up

Podcast #5 stories 16-20

The USS Neill bumbles ahead, leaving chaos and head-shaking in its wake.  In this episode, several simple tasks go horribly wrong.

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  1. Camp counseling
  2. 1st memories
  3. Mr. Neill delivers money in his underwear
  4. The hottest car ever
  5. Parking


  1. Wingy Manone – Swingin at the hickory house
  2. Sons of the Pioneers – Lie low little doggies
  3. Jimmy Bowen – Ever lovin fingers
  4. Joe Werner and the Ramblers – Memory of Mother
  5. Harry Roy – Jazz me blues

Podcast #4 stories 11-15

Although Mr. Neill and P. Diddy were born hours apart, their lives have traced vastly differing trajectories.  This episode dares to compare these differences.

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  1. Anthony Nuzzo is alive
  2. The right woman shouldn’t make you feel like a loser
  3. Don’t compare yourself to Diddy
  4. Filling in the blanks…strange things are afoot at the Korean restaurant
  5. Coincidences can mean nothing


  1. Chick Bullock and his Levee Loungers – Blue moon
  2. Jesse Rodgers – Hummin to my honey
  3. Andy Kirk – Froggy bottom
  4. Wingy Manone – Paper doll
  5. Joe Fingers Carr – Ivory rag

Podcast #3 stories 7-10

Mr. Neill digs out his recording equipment and returns to form.  This episode features a rare moment in which Mr. Neill sings and plays his guitar.

Download Podcast #3 here


  1. Dr. Pete
  2. Asia and her guitar
  3. A camp with Mr. Neill
  4. What are you kids trying to pull


  1. Wingy Manone – Getting some fun out of life
  2. Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra – There ain’t no sweet man that’s worth the salt of my tears

Podcast #2 stories 4-6

Before taking a 3 1/2 year hiatus, Mr. Neill leaves us with this gem.  This episode is a vivid example of Mr. Neill’s signature anti-climatic storytelling.

Download Podcast #2 here


  1. Going to Joliet at the end of the week
  2. Halloween for the kids in the projects
  3. Mowing the weeds at Sun-Ray Corvette

Podcast #1 stories 1-3

Recorded long before he got mixed up with 78 RPM records, this is Mr. Neill’s first podcast.  You can hear the wonder and innocence in his voice.

Download Podcast #1 here


  1. Eating at Manny’s
  2. The man on the train trying to catch flies
  3. Don Yanek and his band Weedy