Podcast #15 stories 53-56

A voice from heaven tells Carol to stop beating her kids. A heavenly fireball ends the party. Mr. Neill is shunned after insulting a man’s meat and his beer while a runaway trunk cancels a sale.


  1. Carol, stop beating your kids
  2. A fireball breaks up a party
  3. A man’s beer and his meat are insulted
  4. A runaway truck thwarts another home sale


  1. Dusty Boogie
  2. Summer Dreams
  3. Moments Pause
  4. Swooning Melody

All tracks are by 2 Mello, from Midnight Broadcasts Vol. 1 & 2, and After Midnight: Unaired Broadcasts.
Check out 2 Mello’s Bandcamp page here.

Podcast #14 stories 49-52

D.O.G. hopes to shed his vegetarian ways. Pete wants to free the weed, perhaps in celebration of Gina’s birthday. Meanwhile, the hacky sack boss mops up the spilled beer of a house shopper.


  1. A potential home buyer takes a tumble
  2. Become popular by playing hacky sack
  3. A dog named D.O.G.
  4. Free the weed


  1. Quintet of the Hot Club of France – Minor’s swing
  2. Louis Armstrong – I’ll walk alone
  3. Jimmie Rodgers – Rock all our babies to sleep
  4. Jack Dupree – Tongue-tied blues

Podcast #13 stories 45-48

Mr. Neill visits four restaurants.  A waitress confounds him while another documents him.  A drastic career change is announced.  In a shocking twist, Mrs. Neill settles for pork.


  1. A Dory-like waitress (Argentine)
  2. Dad, I want to rap (Burmese)
  3. A flip phone videographer (Sri Lankan)
  4. But this is pork (Chinese)

Intermission music by Zachary Neill

Podcast #12 stories 42-44

A pothead claims that Mr. Neill is housing Spongebob’s DNA.  What would Hank do?  Probably shoot the pothead.  What would Mr. Neill do if he had continued his video game addiction?  Probably shoot the pothead.


  1. Spongebob grew up in my house
  2. Hank wants to sing hymns and shoot guns
  3. The perils of video game addiction


  1. Sonny Burke and His Orchestra – Mambo on my mind
  2. Jimmy Witherspoon – Ain’t nobody’s business
  3. York Brothers – Goodbye and luck to you

Podcast #11 stories 39-41

Mr. Neill receives sage advice from both sides of the law.  Yet questions remain.  Can a mansion have just one bedroom?  What if the lawn you wanted was no lawn at all?  And what if having no lawn took you off the grid?


  1. The mansion at 3030 Elroy St.
  2. The lawn he wants is no lawn
  3. If they start fighting, keep playing…but if they start shooting, stop

78′s and Unhip:

  1. Coleman Hawkins – Some of these days
  2. James (Beal Street) Clark – You can’t make the grade
  3. Unhip – Eventually