7 comments on “Podcast #1 stories 1-3

  • Noise

    Kent Clark! I love it.

  • aerieofgrace

    how about pod-tastic? I laughed out loud as you ran through Cabrini Green – both times – and thoroughly enjoyed the rest. Cheers.

  • aerieofgrace

    RYC: thank you.

  • jeffwith2fs

    Nice. I was entertained and it was very well produced. If you keep making ‘em, I’ll keep listening to ‘em.

  • John/Jack(ie)

    thats some good stuff right there…you make, i listen and enjoy

  • Roosevelt Franklin

    That was awesome!

    Do it again!!

    One question though. Rather than ride your bike through Cabrini (I used to work a couple of blocks from there.) Why didn’t you just go a few blocks east and ride up LaSalle?

    Probably a little late for that suggestion…since Cabrini’s gone now…and it was years ago.

    Well just remember my suggestion if you ever get the ability to bend time and space.

  • brian


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