Mr. Neill receives sage advice from both sides of the law.  Yet questions remain.  Can a mansion have just one bedroom?  What if the lawn you wanted was no lawn at all?  And what if having no lawn took you off the grid?


  1. The mansion at 3030 Elroy St.
  2. The lawn he wants is no lawn
  3. If they start fighting, keep playing…but if they start shooting, stop

78′s and Unhip:

  1. Coleman Hawkins – Some of these days
  2. James (Beal Street) Clark – You can’t make the grade
  3. Unhip – Eventually

2 comments on “Podcast #11 stories 39-41

  • Gifford Neill

    Fantastic, John! I agree with you that 3030 Elroy St. certainly was an “exotic” place. And it was on a yellow brick road. And you finally got a more perspective view of your Grandma. I think you know that your mom was never really convinced that that was her Real mom, for several reasons.

  • jaehi

    Love your stories!

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