Mr. Neill digs out his recording equipment and returns to form.  This episode features a rare moment in which Mr. Neill sings and plays his guitar.


  1. Dr. Pete
  2. Asia and her guitar
  3. A camp with Mr. Neill
  4. What are you kids trying to pull


  1. Wingy Manone – Getting some fun out of life
  2. Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra – There ain’t no sweet man that’s worth the salt of my tears

9 comments on “Podcast #3 stories 7-10

  • jeffwith2fs

    Got your e-mail just in time to listen while doing the dishes…. great podcast! Good story telling. I never new the back story of Peter Y…. and I got a nice chuckle imagining you all playing to the ladies while on Kirk’s think that were a lady to stop and approach you guys what would you guys have done.As always your production is really good! Top notch. Nice mix of songs and placed well in the podcast. I’m a bit of a podcast junkie, I listen when I run; I think it’s fair to say you got some skills. The 78 you played came across really nice on headphones. I don’t think I’ve ever noticed the “crackle” of a record being played quite like that before.Keep ’em up. I’ll listen… Let me know if you need topic ideas. There are plenty of things & people I’d like the Mr. Neil back story on.Oh yeah…although not a former student… if you ever have Mr. Neil camp I’d attend. Not sure how Pittsburg is “one of the most scenic places in the world” but going on hikes and drink 30 micro brews sounds like a good time to me.

  • Noise


  • oldmanneill

    yeah…number one in his graduating class, out of 2000+ kids. how he didn’t get a full scholarship doesn’t really add up.

  • Noise

    Did the lizard in Vermont look like this? so, it was a Red Eft, and you can find them in the mountains near Pittsburgh!

  • oldmanneill

    That’s him!

  • Noise

    Vale-VICTORIAN!?!?! Did he dress in old-timey clothes and ride a steam engine to graduation?

  • Ruthe Karlin

    Enjoyed the podcast. Made me a little nostalgic. I lived near Lane Tech while I was growing up, but couldn’t go there: no girls allowed.

  • kim

    Hey OMN – Just listened to your podcast and spent most of the time (when the music wasn’t playing) what a great set of pipes you have. If I had a radio station I would give you a job. Re: The music. I liked the Mountain Goat song a lot and am actually _grateful_ for the Paul Whiteman and whatever the other 78 was that you played. It was fabulous. Glad to know the VT woods have inspired you and the kids. Mine have been instructed (already) on which wooded trail they should sprinkle my ashes.When I have more time I’ll come back and listen to the other PodCasts. Nice work!

  • Madeline

    you weren’t even my teacher and i want to come to mr. neill camp. i feel like i missed out in hs.

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