Podcast #17 stories 60-66

Despite his sharp looking sports coat, a long haired Mr. Neill is accused of stealing his dying boss’ glasses. It’s the sort of thing a man who pees in the snow would do. Meanwhile a blind sub has no idea that his school has rats.


  1. Dr. Sharon Rae Bender thinks Mr. Neill peed in the snow
  2. Rats at Schurz
  3. The blind sub
  4. Did you steal my glasses?
  5. Lunchtime
  6. Mike says we need to move along
  7. Mike shows us a new way to share our food

Intermission music:

  1. Meeting of Important People – For the masses (demo)
  2. Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox – All the small things (feat. Puddles Pity Party)
  3. Hugh Cross and Riley Puckett – Go feather your nest