Podcast #16 stories 57-59

Mr. Neill has an epiphany at 2pm while rooting against his hometown baseball team. In a state of feverish delirium, he accidentally lands a dream job. He knows he has landed the job because he finds $10 on the ground.


  1. 10 months of theological studies
  2. Aimless musings after a week in bed
  3. The dream job


  1. Allen Brothers – A new salty dog
  2. Coleman Hawkins – Some of these days
  3. Andy Kirk and his Twelve Clouds of Joy – Mess-a-stomp

Podcast #9 stories 33-35

Zealots of the Star Wars religion made no attempt to help, or to even look in the direction of Mr. Neill.  Three baby mouses, however, had no trouble looooking at Mr. Neill.


  1. They were Star Wars, but Mr. Neill was not Star Wars
  2. Surfing on David M
  3. Mr. Neill, there are three baby mouses, and they are looooking at me


  1. Callahan Brothers – I’ll be thinking of the days gone by
  2. Yas Yas Girl – Grieving heart blues
  3. Bob Skyles and His Skyrockets – The pal that I loved