Podcast #5 stories 16-20

The USS Neill bumbles ahead, leaving chaos and head-shaking in its wake.  In this episode, several simple tasks go horribly wrong.

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  1. Camp counseling
  2. 1st memories
  3. Mr. Neill delivers money in his underwear
  4. The hottest car ever
  5. Parking


  1. Wingy Manone – Swingin at the hickory house
  2. Sons of the Pioneers – Lie low little doggies
  3. Jimmy Bowen – Ever lovin fingers
  4. Joe Werner and the Ramblers – Memory of Mother
  5. Harry Roy – Jazz me blues

Podcast #3 stories 7-10

Mr. Neill digs out his recording equipment and returns to form.  This episode features a rare moment in which Mr. Neill sings and plays his guitar.

Download Podcast #3 here


  1. Dr. Pete
  2. Asia and her guitar
  3. A camp with Mr. Neill
  4. What are you kids trying to pull


  1. Wingy Manone – Getting some fun out of life
  2. Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra – There ain’t no sweet man that’s worth the salt of my tears