Podcast #5 stories 16-20

The USS Neill bumbles ahead, leaving chaos and head-shaking in its wake.  In this episode, several simple tasks go horribly wrong.

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  1. Camp counseling
  2. 1st memories
  3. Mr. Neill delivers money in his underwear
  4. The hottest car ever
  5. Parking


  1. Wingy Manone – Swingin at the hickory house
  2. Sons of the Pioneers – Lie low little doggies
  3. Jimmy Bowen – Ever lovin fingers
  4. Joe Werner and the Ramblers – Memory of Mother
  5. Harry Roy – Jazz me blues

Podcast #4 stories 11-15

Although Mr. Neill and P. Diddy were born hours apart, their lives have traced vastly differing trajectories.  This episode dares to compare these differences.

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  1. Anthony Nuzzo is alive
  2. The right woman shouldn’t make you feel like a loser
  3. Don’t compare yourself to Diddy
  4. Filling in the blanks…strange things are afoot at the Korean restaurant
  5. Coincidences can mean nothing


  1. Chick Bullock and his Levee Loungers – Blue moon
  2. Jesse Rodgers – Hummin to my honey
  3. Andy Kirk – Froggy bottom
  4. Wingy Manone – Paper doll
  5. Joe Fingers Carr – Ivory rag

Podcast #3 stories 7-10

Mr. Neill digs out his recording equipment and returns to form.  This episode features a rare moment in which Mr. Neill sings and plays his guitar.

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  1. Dr. Pete
  2. Asia and her guitar
  3. A camp with Mr. Neill
  4. What are you kids trying to pull


  1. Wingy Manone – Getting some fun out of life
  2. Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra – There ain’t no sweet man that’s worth the salt of my tears